Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Autumn 2009 Cologne, Germany

I had a great time on our walk last weekend though the cold wind was knocking me out as soon as I was home but happy to see the outcome of my photos. I'm new to DSLR photography. Still got to practice a lot but hope you guys enjoy my photos.

small park

joggers' place


Cologne Mülheim - the other side of the river

autumn colors

path to the small port

Cologne sunset including a tiny silhouette of the cathedral


Angela Recada said...

Beautiful! It's so nice to see bits of Köln again. I haven't been there in too many years and truly miss that part of the world.

Best wishes from Wisconsin USA,

Teresa said...

Enjoyed looking at your beautiful photos!

Art Lover said...

angela and teresa: thanks for your nice comments. will try to post more. also thanks for the follow.

Nivedita said...

they all look absolutely stunning. Love em' :))
What equipment do you use for your photography?


Art Lover said...

nivi: Thank you. I shot with Olympus E-520 with the 14-42mm kit lens.